Our founder spent several years running ecommerce websites and still does to this day. However, when he first got started things were not so easy.

He paid for a company to design his first website, and quite a large amount of money it was too, only to realise that the products being sold were in a niche far too competitive for somebody just starting out with their first venture. After choosing a better niche, paying out for another website, he then encountered a further problem of having no idea how to market the site and build traffic.

After years of trial and error, and a great deal of money wasted, he finally started to have success with his ecommerce ventures. His experience has shown him that there is a huge demand for an all in one ecommerce service to help people with varying levels of experience realise their dream of starting a successful online business.

We are proud to have helped many people achieve their online goals!

Reg Office: Unit 10, 80 Lytham Road, Preston, PR2 3AQ